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My Welder Assistant

MyWelder is the new collaborative robotic system for automated GMAW and GTAW welding made by Industria Tecnologica Italiana. Space saving, no high-level programming skills are needed, extremely accurate and high-quality welding path, also suited for small production batches.


Automated welding

Simple and accurate

MyWelder is a collaborative robotic system for automated GMAW and GTAW  welding, easily programmable and which ensures high productivity even with small production batches.


Thanks to MyWelder, workers and workplace are upgraded: welders become part of the automation welding team. The welder, remains at the head of the system, teaching the robot the welding that must be performed. Welding which will then be carried out automatically in a precise, accurate and repeatable manner.


The quality of the welding is guaranteed by the use of a high performance ESAB Welding System with the support of “Centro Tecnico Saldatura Ferrari”, MyWelder partner company of Industria Tecnologica Italiana with many years of experience in the welding field.



Easy and Intuitive robot programming

MyWelder integrates the programming software MyWelderApp, a simple and intuitive human-machine interface designed to simplify use for operators without any programming or robotics experience.

Possibility of customization

MyWelder is completely customizable with additional features based on the customer process and production needs. Industria Tecnologica Italiana technicians are available for the creation of tailor-made programs based on customer requests and for training days on the use of MyWelder.

Optimization of the welding process

Thanks to MyWelder it is possible to optimize the welding process regardless of the quantity of the production batch. MyWelder is extremely flexible and guarantees excellent welding results, whether only one piece or thousands of components are welded at a time.

MyWelder configuration packages

MyWelder is provided in two main packages: MyWelder Full Double, which allows a bog productivity boost, and MyWelder Full, which places more attention to the costs. Moreover, Industria Tecnologica Italiana is able to provide a fully customized solution, including the required analysis for the CE marking of the system.

Why choose MyWelder?

Collaborative and safe

MyWelder, in its “Full” and “Full Double” configurations, offers the guarantee of safety of the human-robot interaction, the declaration of conformity and CE marking.

Tax incentives

Industry 4.0 capital good that can be facilitated at 40% according to Article 1, paragraphs 1051 to 1063 of the Italian Law 178/2020 (Budget Law 2022 on the tax credit for goods for Industry 4.0).

Research & Development

MyWelder was developed by Industria Tecnologica Italiana (IT-I), an innovative company for the development of digital solutions for Industry 4.0, with a deep interaction and link with the university research environment of excellence.

We answer to the needs of industrial product improvement and business process  increase in value using the most innovative technologies.

Return on investment

MyWelder guarantees repeatability, flexibility and precision, allowing to reduce rework and waste and allowing to operate at high speeds. The increase in business productivity and efficiency allow a rapid return on the initial investment, in itself already moderate as compared with traditional welding robotic systems.



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