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Simple and intuitive programming suitable for any kind of welder.

MyWelder integrates MyWeldApp, a programming software with specially designed interface developed by Industria Tecnologica Italiana, created to be used by operators with no programming or robotics experience. Integrates with any kind of machinery.


The operator can program the robot and, consequently, the execution of the desired welding just by interacting with the physical interface. In particular, the operator can create different types of movements according to the welding section to be performed.

Movements of the


  • Linear – Linear movement of the torch between two selected points
  • Spot welding- Welding point without moving the torch.
  • Arc of circle – The torch executes an arc movement of circle passing through three points.
  • Circle – Circular movement of the torch for executing a full circle.
  • Pendulum- Triangular or helical pendulum movement along the selected trajectory.

Characteristics of the


  • Program number to be used extracted from the welding machine
  • Voltage
  • Wire speed
  • Robot moving speed



  • Simulate programs without welding
  • Save programs and recall them from memory

MyWelder uses cobots.

Why a Cobot?


Cobots (COllaborative roBOT) are collaborative robots designed to share the workspace with humans without protective barriers. This possibility allows to teach the robot trajectory by simply guiding the torch attached to the robot end-effector through the desired movements. It is not required to write any software.

  • Increased productivity
  • Total flexibility
  • Spaces
  • Safety
  • Long-term investments

Some of the welders which we installed MyWelder on

New automatic welding system

MyWelder is an IT-I product

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